My name is Rod Hilton and I’m a software developer located in Colorado. I primarily deal with Java and Scala, though I work with a number of different programming languages, my favorite of which is Ruby. I’m always looking to learn new tools and techniques, and I hope to use this blog to share solutions to technical challenges I’ve faced, as well as stories about my life.

I’m also a PhD candidate at the University of Colorado in Denver, studying Computer Science with a focus on Theory and Algorithms.

I've been programming since I was 12 years old, starting with QBASIC on a 386 computer. I've wanted to be a computer programmer since playing my first video game, King's Quest II. I've never deviated from this path my entire life, so one could say I'm passionate about coding.

This blog mostly focuses on my fascination with technical topics and my professional and academic life. Every so often I contemplate posting about more divisive issues such as religion and politics, but so far I’ve managed to avoid doing so. Once I made a post about Star Wars, and now it's 98% of my traffic.

This blog is divided into categories at the top of the page, allowing visitors to follow posts about technical issues such as programming or technology without following posts about my personal life.

For anyone curious about the origin of this blog's title, it comes from this cartoon, which I found in Visual Basic 3 for Dummies, the first programming book I ever read: