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This is a story about dealing with a Colorado realtor, Blue Sage Realty. Blue Sage Realty employees were rude and awful to deal with, and actually kicked us out of the leasing office when we asked for an in-writing solution to the problem of a nonfunctional air conditioner. In short, this story has been posted as a warning to anyone else: do not deal with Blue Sage realty. They will make you miserable.

Blue Sage Realty in Colorado Sucks

My fiancee and I were looking for houses to rent in Colorado and found one that looked like a good size in our price range, so we scheduled a viewing with Blue Sage Realty in Colorado, the management company for the property. When my fiancee and I showed up to the place to look around, the kitchen floor had just been cleaned, and the fridge had been pulled out of the kitchen, blocking the doorway. We were unable to see the kitchen or anything that could only be reached by walking through the kitchen, meaning we were unable to see the kitchen, the dining room, the garage, the porch, or the back yard.

Despite being unable to see half the house, we loved it, and sent an application (and a check) within an hour of leaving. Our credit was checked (we have great credit), our current landlord was called (we’ve been great tenants), and we were approved for the house within a day.

Johleen Belliston, a Blue Sage Realty employee, told us we were approved and we should come in to sign the lease. We explained that we had not yet seen the entire unit, and she warned us that if we didn’t act fast that we might lose the house to another renter. Worried, we scheduled another showing as soon as we could.

The second time through the house, we were able to walk into every room. The problem was that the electricity didn’t work upstairs, and the A/C wasn’t running. This prevented us from seeing any upstairs rooms without windows, since lights couldn’t be turned on. It also meant we couldn’t stay upstairs long, since it was extremely hot. We still liked the house a great deal, but were concerned that if the A/C didn’t do a good job, it would be unlivable.

Though we were being pressured into signing a lease immediately after this second showing, we wanted to think things over and measure our furniture to make sure everything would fit, and she once again tried bullying us with threats that someone else may snatch up the house. Worried again, we scheduled a lease signing for the next morning.

We were concerned that the A/C may not fully cool the house, and we expressed our concern to Johleen at Blue Sage Realty. I also asked that the carpets, which were heavily stained, be shampooed. She told us we were being “nitpicky”.

We met with her the next day to sign the lease, pay stubs and money order in hand, as requested. Johleen from Blue Sage Realty explained that the A/C worked fine, but that sometimes A/Cs don’t cool a whole house that well, and hey, shit happens. I was going to ask for an in-writing assurance the A/C would work, but Johlene refused to do so before I could even ask.

We requested the lease be amended to give us 30 days after move-in to evaluate the A/C, the electricity, and see the upstairs bathroom for the first time. We had hoped that they wouldn’t think we were jerking them around, since we’d be unlikely to pay for moving expenses and then leave after 30 days just to be annoying, but 30 days would also give us time to make sure everything worked correctly. We thought this was a good solution for everyone.

Johleen sighed with annoyance and said she’d get her manager. The manager for Blue Sage Realty, Kathryn MacGeraghty, entered the room, already irritated, and asked what we wanted. I re-explained, politely, that it’d be nice to get 30 days to make sure that everything in the house worked. She curtly told us that was unheard of and “not going to happen.” “No,” she said.

I told her that she was being a bit rude, and she told me “Well, you’re free to leave.”

I asked her if this was how their company was going to be as landlords. If our roof was leaking and we called them, would they tell us we were being nitpicky? She told me,** “I’m rejecting your application. Get out.”**

So we left. It was unfortunate, since the house was so nice, but it seemed clear that they’d be** awful landlords.** I just want to get this story out there so that anyone else looking for homes in the Colorado area knows what they’re getting into with Blue Sage Realty.

Just to make sure everyone knows the exact company I’m talking about, it’s Blue Sage Realty in Colorado, located at:

Blue Sage Realty, Inc
8471 Turnpike Dr, Suite 220
Westminster, CO 80031
(303) 432-9898 Office


As if there need to be any other reasons to avoid Blue Sage Realty, this story goes on.

Not long after making this post, someone made a comment on the blog about their own experience with Blue Sage Realty. He explained that he and two friends rented a house from Blue Sage Realty for two years. They cleaned the house thoroughly when they moved out and even took video footage. In the end, Blue Sage Realty only returned part of their deposit, citing them for multiple problems. They had asked for a walk through of the final inspection, but Blue Sage Realty did it without them, giving them no chance to dispute the claims. The check that Kathryn wrote for the portion of the deposit that she DID return was written incorrectly, preventing the commenter from cashing it. Kathryn refused to write a corrected check until the commenter removed negative comments about Blue Sage Realty on other sites.

After fighting with Blue Sage Realty for months, they were able to get the money they were owed. However, though Kathryn sent them the the check, she reported it to a debt collection agency anyway, destroying the credit rating of the three renters. The commenter then decided to take the issue to the Better Business Bureau.

That’s where the story ended according to the comment. However, four months after leaving the comment the commenter e-mailed me personally to ask me to remove the comment. He had gotten Blue Sage Realty to agree to fix his credit rating, on the condition that he remove all negative comments about the company that he made, including the one on my blog.

This isn’t really surprising, as Blue Sage Realty has a habit of trying to silence its critics. For example, when I first posted the story above, I cross-posted it on Yahoo! Local on the Blue Sage Realty page. Suddenly, two brand new accounts (made at the same time and with no other reviews on the site) posted positive reviews of the company. This was clearly Blue Sage Realty trying to push my negative review to the second page. Other commenters pointed out that Blue Sage Realty was clearly trying to silence critics, so Blue Sage Realty actually renamed the company on Yahoo! Local to “B2B, Incorporated” so that searches would no longer pull up the page.

They created a new entry for themselves (complete with their own 5-star review). That page, too, has become overrun with negative reviews.

Now Kathryn is demanding that people she has treated poorly in the past retract their comments about the company in order to make things right. Apparently Kathryn would rather silence critics than actually treat people professionally and earn positive commentary honestly.

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